01 Feb 2016, 22:22


Open source

Although I have stacks of unreleased/incomplete projects (that might or might not have been worthwhile :), I take sometimes the effort to release them.


  • iftop iftop with a RESTful API - release post
  • coshell dependency-free replacement for GNU parallel, perfect fit for usage in an initramfs.
  • docker-fw a complementary tool for Docker to manage iptables-based custom firewall rules between/towards containers, persistence and two-ways links.
  • docker-cli-tools set of command-line tools handy for continuous integration and development with Docke
  • go-libiptc libiptc bindings for Go language. Object-oriented design, supports IPv6 and same wait locking mechanism as iptables/ip6tables
  • hpraidmon monitor status of HP RAID controllers by parsing output of hpacucli
  • gitian-bitcoin-host build bitcoind with a gitian-builder Docker image
  • ubuntu-kernelbuilder automation to build an Ubuntu kernel via Docker containers
  • ubunt-pkgbuilder automation to build an Ubuntu package via Docker containers
  • curses-vcp A VCP (visual copy) fork http://linux.die.net/man/1/vcp



  • Go-rencode Go implementation of Python’s rencode: fast (basic) object serialization similar to bencode

Go templating

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