01 Feb 2016, 22:22

About me

Thinker, software developer, cryptography passionate and an avid reader of science and technology.

Open source

I have been using and contributing to various open source since 2003; see projects for recent commitments.

Software development

I am a Linux enthusiast since 2007 and currently focusing on the Linux ecosystem; past experience includes Microsoft Windows server/desktop platforms (mostly C#) and Java for enterprise solutions.

Why do I write software?

I like being proud of the quality of the final result that I can achieve, the correctness of the solution adopted and the elegance of the architecture/orchestration that delivers such result.

Business solutions

I have worked on many software solutions for various companies, amongst them:

Current areas of interest


These days I work mostly in development of APIs, webservices and microservices written in Go language.

Golang gopher

Continuous delivery

I believe that quality assurance, systems integration and deployment automation must nowadays be tackled together. For this reason I enjoy to work with different teams for the improvement of source control, security best practices and development tooling, to help the big picture come together.